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Buckshot Roulette is a game of terror that combines roulette and shooting. The game mechanics and minimal user interface provide a realistic and immersive tabletop experience. Players have control over the roulette, shotgun, bullets and bets placed on the table.

Unscripted and unpredictable rounds provide exciting and varied outcomes and guarantee high replayability. Various strategies are required for survival and players can choose to shoot, bluff, trust their opponents or be skeptical.

The game features a cunning AI that tries to guide the player to shoot. This AI makes decisions based on shared information as well as data from the player who controls it. It uses deception tactics such as lying, cheating and bluffing to ensure victory.

In the shooting gallery there are different targets (ducks, balloons, bottles) corresponding to the roulette results, each with a different difficulty and reward component. Players can bet on both roulette and shooting, or on one or the other.

The game features visually stunning graphics that immerse players in their environment. Realistic sound effects add to the excitement of shots and hits.