Gmod Eyes The Horror

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Diversify your game with additional content from Eyes The Horror! If you wanted to add something a little bit of horror to the project, this modification is for you. You are going to get access to the horrifying models of monsters and use them in various locations.

This peculiar mix of Eyes The Horror will allow you to travel through the corridors of the abandoned mansion, but this time with some decent weapons. Now you don’t have to run from the ghosts, instead, you may try to eliminate them. Explore the mansion and unravel its secrets.

However, don’t underestimate the monsters in this game! They are still powerful and fast, so you should watch your health level. Once it goes down to the critical level, you have to watch out and become extremely careful. There are no medicines on the map, so you either find the way out or die trying.

Although, in case you don’t want to play on the locations from Eyes The Horror, you can put the models in your own locations. Create a brand-new horror with well-known characters and invite your friends to test it out. Set up a challenge and see if you can complete the level without any weapon, like in the original game. Rely on your sneakiness and avoid direct interaction.