Roblox Eyes The Horror

Find a way out of the creepy maze in Eyes The Horror mod for Roblox! Here you will have a chance to visit the fearsome mansion once again, but in the universe of Roblox. Ask your buddy to join you, so that this dangerous adventure will become less disturbing.

So, in this game you will need to collect the cash sacks as well as in the original Eyes The Horror. You can encounter them in the most unnoticeable places, so don’t hurry and spend some time scoping the surroundings.

At the same time, you should constantly move as the monster does. This vicious ghost which resembles a flying head will haunt you during the whole game.

The only way to prevent your character from dying in Eyes The Horror is to start running immediately when you see the red warning on the screen. Or you can do an even better job if you use the eyes runes and check the ghost’s location before entering the next room.

You may communicate with your allies via the chat as well. If somebody spots the monster, they may tell about it and the other members of the team will know where they should go. Although, there is no map in this game mod, so you will need to keep the plan of the building in mind. Try not to get confused with multiple similar rooms and halls.