Eyes The Horror

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Eyes The Horror is the horror game that offers you to investigate abandoned locations, looking for the treasures. However, there is one unpleasant detail. The buildings are also full of dangerous monsters. So, watch your back and don’t let them catch you off guard!

Collect money

Your main aim in Eyes The Horror is to find all the money bags on the location. You will be able to see how many bags are left on the right side of the screen. Also, there you will see the tutorial that you should study before heading to the ominous depths of the vicious terrains.

The gameplay also includes such a distinctive aspect as eye runes. They are scattered all over the locations and it may not be easy to find all of them, considering the fact that they are spawning randomly. Besides, this rule goes for all the collectible objects, so every run is unique.

The eyes will let you see the world from the monster’s perspective for a couple of seconds. Use this information to figure out if you should hide or you may continue your journey. Apply the runes wisely, as this resource is quite limited in the game.

Wander across the creepy mazes

The locations in Eyes The Horror are certainly pretty frightening and dark. The rooms look as if no man has set a foot in them for a very long time. In addition, it may be difficult to memorise their placements. However, the game has a map that won’t let you get lost in the house and you will know where to hide if the creature sees you.

Though it is better to stay unnoticed. If you hide in the wardrobe or under the bed, the entity won’t notice you, but if you don’t manage to find the right spot in time, you will have a problem. Run as fast as you can and reach the safe place until it is too late!

When you break away from the chase, it is time to look for the coveted bags. The game randomly places them in the lockers or chests, so don’t forget to check every door in the room. Moreover, there is a chance to find some useful tools, too

There are also some puzzles on each level of Eyes The Horror, so you will have to turn on your logic in order to survive. Look for the codes, apply the tools you have and hope that you will find the exit before the malevolent ghost that haunts this place will catch you.

The ghost can appear surprisingly fast and you will have to listen carefully if you don’t want it to chase you. Every type of ghost makes particular sounds and that is the signal for you to get out of the room right now.