Eyes The Horror Monster

Can you get away from the ferocious evil that haunts the mansion? In Eyes The Horror you will face vicious monsters that live in the darkness and how you will deal with them is up to you. Hide and hope you won’t be noticed or run for your life.

Feel the atmosphere of terror

Your main goal in Eyes The Horror, nevertheless, is to collect all the treasures that the haunted house contains. Until then the game simply won’t let you out. So, you are forced to look for money despite the fact that it may cost your life.

Mostly, you should expect them to be in multiple closets, but sometimes they are hidden in much more unexpected spots.

The gameplay in Eyes The Horror includes some other peculiar elements, such as the eyes. They will become an irreplaceable tool during your adventure. These creepy pictures are there for a reason and you will soon figure out that you can benefit from them. Apply the eyes if you want to know where the ghost is now and take your time to prepare for the encounter.

Although, the monster vision in the game is available for a very short period of time. So, you have to act swiftly and either go away, continue searching or hide somewhere if the ghost is nearby. Terrifying sounds such as creaking floors, banging and crying will tell you that you may start worrying about your safety.

Create a horror yourself

If the already existing monsters are not scary enough for you, Eyes The Horror has a separate option. You can form the creature yourself and even add terrifying sounds to it. Make it cry terribly or growl threateningly and your creation will strike fear even better than the original ones.

The gameplay with custom monsters stays the same, as they behave similar to the ones that the game offers. Running from any ghost is very dangerous and if you don’t know the exact hideout, you shouldn’t even try it. But in case you know the location well, you have a chance to end the chase.

Examine the map carefully to raise your probability of survival. Although, the game won’t give you the complete map from the start. Thus, you will have to figure out where the rooms are situated yourself. But you still need to memorise the places with the unsolved riddles.