Eyes Horror & Coop Multiplayer

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Dive into the atmosphere of utmost fear in Eyes The Horror. Sneak into the mysterious mansion and try to steal money that is kept inside. However, after the crime always comes the punishment, so the entities that are living there won’t let you go easily.

Share the fear with your friends

Now you don’t have to fight the evil monsters alone. In the cooperative mode of Eyes The Horror you will have the opportunity to form a whole group of thieves together with your buddies. You will be able to collect cash faster, but will you manage to successfully avoid the dangers that the house hides?

You will have to split up and examine the location with the maximum speed, because the longer you stay in the building, the more aggressive the monster becomes. So, don’t hesitate to search every corner of the rooms to find the money that the game requires.

Unless you encounter twenty sacks with cash, you can’t even dream about getting out of this horrible place. The difficulty lies in the fact that the bags can be anywhere and their positions in the game change with each round. Thus, even if you know the location all to pieces, you will have to investigate it again and again.

Besides, if you are caught by the creature, the game will be over. You have no second chance, so it means that you need to be extremely careful. When you notice paranormal activity around, it indicates the ghost’s presence somewhere nearby. Run before this thing notices you or it will end your adventure right away!

Use the eyes

Usually, the game keeps you unaware of your enemy’s movements, but in Eyes The Horror you can overcome this rule and get a chance to see what the monster is doing. However, to receive this special vision, you will need to gather the eye runes. Look for the drawings on the walls and bring them with you.

One rune can show you only a couple of seconds, so you can never have too many of them. In addition, they are quite difficult to encounter. Being spread randomly across the location, they can appear in the most unexpected places. And before applying them, make sure you are in the safe zone, as you may unexpectedly find out that the creature is heading towards you!

The monsters in Eyes The Horror are super creepy and if one catches you, it will definitely appear in your nightmares. Moreover, the gameplay includes constructing one yourself! Try to form the most atrocious creature, just how much your imagination lets you do.