Eyes The Horror Game 2

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Break into the cursed mansion and try to stay alive there. In Eyes The Horror you are going to play for a thief who chose the wrong place for his next robbery.

This haunted house with lots of money was surely a nice trap and now you are locked in there. Will you manage to find the way out and outsmart the evil ghosts that you engaged?

Peer into the darkness

So, once you step inside the house, you can possibly become the victim of a nasty creature that lives in this abandoned mansion. You have several ways to prevent it from finding you and that is to run away or to hide. Both of the variants are surely better than to face this terror face to face.

At the same time, in Eyes The Horror you have another important mission. You desperately need the money that you came here for and you will get it one way or another. Search inside the drawers and under the beds. Although, if you lose, don’t expect to find the sacks in the exact same places, so prepare for a long quest.

Use the map to navigate in the location better. The more you encounter, the fuller your map will be, so it is worth the risk to quickly go through every available room, at least before the monster gets there. Go to the trick and attract the monster with a loud sound if you need to explore the room where it settled.

Watch from another perspective

One of the unique aspects of Eyes The Horror is the eyes runes that have incredible powers. Apply the rune and watch the ghost’s steps from another room. In spite of the fact that the usage of this feature is limited, even several seconds are enough to understand whether you have to run away or not.

However, it is not so easy to receive the rune in this game. In Eyes The Horror they are randomly distributed as well as the money bags, so in one round you may be lucky to find many of them and in another one you may encounter none.

Anyway, if you lose in one location, the game has some more to offer. Apart from the haunted house you have a chance to visit the equally haunted mental hospital or abandoned school. In any case, the experience will be unforgettably terrifying.