Eyes The Horror Full Version

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Have you ever wanted to roam around the creepy mansion? Dive into the horrifying world of Eyes The Horror and deal with the ancient ghost that invaded the house. It doesn’t like the invaders, but it despises thieves even more. Can you avoid the punishment and get away with piles of money?

Stay away from the monster

In this game you have only one enemy, but any encounter with it will be deadly. In case you die, you will have to start from the beginning once again. There are no saves, so each mistake can become fatal. Carefully develop your strategy and think about the escape routes in case of emergency.

Eyes The Horror gives you a chance to run away from the ghost, though. Look for the nearest wardrobe or bed and stay silent until the threat will pass. But note that your stamina is limited and you won’t be able to run from the monster for a very long time.

In between the chases, examine the surroundings searching for the cash. Remember that this is what you came for, so the faster you collect all the money, the faster you will be able to use the exit and never recall this terrifying place and the creatures that are living there.

Believe the eyes

In Eyes The Horror the eyes are vital for you. Although, it is not about your own eyes, but rather about the creepy runes that you can see on the walls from time to time. They provide a special vision to you that can save your life. Use the runes to see what the ghost sees. But don’t misuse this fantastic ability, as the eyes can rarely be encountered.

Apart from the main mission, the game can also suggest something more creative. If the monsters don’t impress you or you have a perfect plan on how to create the most disturbing creature ever, you can do it in a separate mode. Enjoy a wide variety of atrocious features that you can add to your creation and make it look extremely scary.

Also, the full version of the game includes the cooperative regime as well, so you may ask your buddies to join this supernatural robbery. Will everyone survive the night adventure or become the victims of bloodthirsty entities?