My Neighbor Enide

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This is a visual novel with a fascinating and dark plot. The story is about a girl who recently moved to a new house. Her fate is not very simple, but she boldly looks into the future.

Life is full of some pleasant events that inspire joy. But everything changes when the young lady meets someone who lives opposite. My Neighbor Enide is suspicion mixed with mystery.

Tips and tricks

At the very beginning of the game, players will realize that something is wrong with the resident of the nearby mansion. The whole process is based on research that will lead to the truth. This is a horror-themed RPG with a huge amount of text. Pay close attention to the characters’ answers!

My Neighbor Enide was developed by arcadekitten and quickly became popular. If you like to experience thrills and adrenaline, then welcome. Be brave to complete the storylines to the end! There is a lot of additional information about the game on the developer’s page on

In My Neighbor Enide, users also have to make decisions. They literally influence the future, so think twice before! In addition, do not forget that not everyone will want to reveal their secrets in the game. Can you cope with the new mission from