Eyes The Horror Game Online Play Free

Try to survive in a house full of hostile ghosts! Eyes The Horror is the game that will keep you in constant pressure. Remember that you are never safe, so finish your business in this ominous house as quickly as possible! And run from the dangers before they get you!

You can play Eyes The Horror on your pc and mobile phone. In any case, you will receive the most frightening experience ever. Prepare for an exciting adventure with an unpredictable outcome.

Never let them see you

In Eyes The Horror you are going to play for a hapless robber, who chose an abandoned house as his aim. As you and your partner estimated, you could find at least thirty money bags there. That surely sounds like a lot of cash, but if you knew what was waiting for you there, you would never expect to set foot in this cursed house.

Once you get inside the mansion, the survival game starts. Look for small sacks and stay away from the creatures that are wandering around. Until you find all of them, you won’t be able to leave even if you really wish to, so be swift and don’t spend more time there than it is needed. There is the only happy ending and the other one is death.

One of the main things that you will need is a flashlight. The location in Eyes The Horror is completely dark, so without a torch you won’t see anything. However, sometimes it is better not to see the things that are hiding in the darkness. They can be waiting for you in the most unexpected places, so be extremely careful!

Also, the important part of the gameplay are the eyes. During your journey across the house, you will have a chance to spot red drawings of the eyes. If you come close enough to them, you can take them with you. The eyes are a very important resource, as they allow you to see where your enemy is right now. You will see this atrocious monster flying across the halls, searching for you.

Spot the ghost first

The good thing is that Eyes The Horror won’t leave you without any hints. When you see some supernatural activity around, you will know that it is time to go somewhere else, as the monsters are near. There is even a chance to stay alive even if you have been noticed. Run really fast, hide somewhere and wait for the ghost to leave the room.

However, to pull off such a trick in this game, you will need to keep in mind the map of the house. When you are not in danger, you may check it out. The more you explore the building, the more rooms appear on the map. So, it is worth investigating as many rooms as you can.

In the full version of Eyes The Horror you can also check out some other locations, such as the school or hospital. They are not less scary than the classical mansion, but they surely add some challenge to the game, not mentioning new terrifying screamers. You may use the mods to unlock each location, without completing the previous ones.

In addition, the project has a regime where you can create your own fearsome creature. Experiment with the appearance and add hideous sounds to make your creation a real menace. And don’t forget to build a level with it afterwards.